About us

Welcome to Amazin’ Dope Chic where successful women continue to pass the knowledge of women empowerment by making hustling look good!

With over 20 years in the beauty industry, I have seen and heard it all! I have been a hairstylist specializing in healthy hair care and weaves since I was in high school. I am extremely knowledgeable in Virgin Hair. I have traveled to Hong Kong to personally hand pick my hair. I took time to make sure I returned home with the highest quality hair on the market. I guarantee the life at least 12 months with proper care. Shop with us and I promise you won't be disappointed!

As I venture now into becoming a salon owner and Brazilian hair retailer I still feel the need to do more. The love I have for hair has opened my eyes to the different walks of life women endure. Making women feel beautiful on the outside doesn’t compare to the joy I feel making them feel great on the inside. Now I want to take this feeling worldwide! Amazin’ Dope Chic is a lifestyle.

Every woman can be an Amazin’ Dope Chic! No matter your age, relationship status, tax bracket or race. I want every woman to feel confident in everything she does.  Whether its changing your hair color, starting a new business venture, moving on to a new chapter in your life or even singing walking down the street. Just be the most AMAZIN’ and confident you there is! Once you have claimed your title as an Amazin’ Dope Chic encourage your fellow sister to do the same.

I believe everyone is born with a natural God given talent but sometimes it takes someone else to point it out for us. As we bring women together for positive events, you may meet that one person that sees your talent that you doubted or never even saw. Then once you’ve tapped into that talent you can network with other amazin’ women to grow and learn things you never knew existed! That is how the cycle of positive empowerment should go.

Keep the mindset of breeding Amazin’ Dope Chic’s...